Dec 2016 UPDATE:
Just One More Row is now CLOSED. I am not able to fill orders due to health issues.

Orders received after Sept 21, 2016 will NOT be charged or filled.

NOTE: If you place an order, you will receive an automatic email, but your order will NOT be filled and you will NOT be charged.
I wish you well and happy knitting to you this cold December! ...Jill V

Tapestry Shawl

SeaGlass Sweater

Sea Glass Sweater
Knit side-to-side in
any size, any gauge
Tapestry Shawl
Easy short rows
create hem points

Heartbeat Sweater

Heartbeat Sweater
Knit from center out
to any size you wish
Sunburst Sling Bags

so much fun to knit
Sunburst Sling Bags

Crystal Cove Sweater

Crystal Cove Pullover
Knit a graceful curve
in this reversible sweater

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