Pacific Grove Pullover    - see details below

Pacific Grove Pullover

Pacific Grove Pullover   Pattern K-12
15 sizes from 34" to 62"

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Description: This mitered pullover has a neckline framed in smaller mitered diamonds. Short-rows shape the semi-raglan sleeves knitted from shoulder to wrist. Sizes from 34" to 62" finished garment bust measurement.
Skill level: intermediate to experiencedSuggested Yarns: Gauge is 4 stitches per inch. Cotton, silk, wool, or blends will work well.
Model was knitted using 5 strands of cotton thread held together (surprisingly fun to do). Yardage: At 4 sts/inch, for finished garment bust 34"-1250 yds; 36"-1310 yds; 38"-1370 yds; 40"-1440 yds; 42"-1500 yds, 44"-1575 yds; 46"-1640 yds; 48"-1700 yds; 50"-1790 yds; 52"-1870 yds; 54"-1930 yds; 56"-1965 yds; 58"-2000 yds; 60"-2175 yds; 62"-2225 yds