Beautiful Bags    – see details below

Boxy Silk Window Purse Trinket Bag Fishtail Pouch

Beautiful Bags    Pattern K-18

$8.00 ... Pattern only – see multi-pattern discount  Free Shipping for Patterns in USA
$10 minimum order requested but not required - Thank you!

Beautiful Bags Kit

$21.00 ... Recycled Silk Yarn and Pattern Kit includes Pattern for all Bags, and Yarn for one Bag:
Boxy Silk Window Purse, Small Himalaya Trinket Bag, or Fishtail Pouch  Shipping: $5.00 for entire order
Recycled Silk Yarn
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Recycled Silk
Left to right above:
Boxy Silk Window Purse  7" x 6" front, 5" x 7" base (140 yds)
Himalaya Trinket Bag  6" x 7.5" or 7.5" x 8" (125-175 yds)
Fishtail Pouch  6" wide at base, 7" tall (75 yds) Bags shown above in Recycled Silk on US #8 (5 mm) needles. You can use any non-stretchy yarn with needles 1 or 2 sizes smaller than normal. Bag size depends on yarn size. Thinner yarn requires more yardage, thicker yarn requires less yardage.