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Sea Glass Sweater Closeup: Sea Glass Sweater Sea Glass Sweater
Sea Glass Sweater in Soft Silk Noil ...Center: Closeup of side flare with short rows and color blending

Sea Glass Sweater    Pattern K-29

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The Sea Glass Sweater is an "any size, any gauge" design for intermediate knitters. The body is knitted sideways to desired width, with short-row flares at sides. A triangular back yoke creates a high back neckline. The V-neck front yoke is knitted to desired neckline depth. Unique bias sleeves are knitted bottom-up to desired size and length. Yardage Chart shows yardage for 4 gauges and all sizes. Pattern contains needle sizes and yardage for three gauges: 4 sts/inch, 5 sts/inch, and 5½ sts/inch, but you are not limited to these gauges. Choose yarn that drapes well. Soft Silk Noil, a DK weight 100% silk yarn, was used in photos above. Bonus! Learn a 16-row repeat that blends handpainted colors beautifully. It's hard to believe the Sea Glass Sweater above was knitted with two different colored skeins (Blues & Violets and Sea Green) - it looks like one handpainted color! Scroll down to learn this new blending technique, also included in the pattern.

  How to Blend Two Skeins of Handpainted Yarn Invisibly!
This color sequence is designed for the garter ridge stitch used in many of my designs, including the Sea Glass Sweater.
I like the ridges, and it's not as thick as ordinary garter stitch.
Garter Ridge Stitch
Row 1: (Wrong Side) Knit (this makes a ridge on the right side).
Row 2: Knit.
Row 3: Purl.
Row 4: Knit.
Repeat these four rows. I haven't tried 16-row blending with stockinette (or any other stitch) yet. Color Sequence (16-row repeat)
2 rows color A, Rows 1-2
2 rows color B, Rows 3-4
2 rows color A, Rows 5-6
4 rows color B, Row 7-10 (see Note below)
2 rows color A, Rows 11-12
2 rows color B, Rows 13-14
2 rows color A, Rows 15-16
Repeat these 16 rows. Note: How to carry unused color up side when working 4 rows of one color:
While working the 2nd stitch on the 3rd of 4 rows, lie the unused color across the working yarn, so this stitch will catch the unused yarn in place on the wrong side. Then continue the row as instructed by the pattern. When this color is used again, take care not to pull the first stitch too tightly.