Recycled Silk

frabjous fibers

Recycled Silk

3-4 stitches per inch
US #8-10 (5-6 mm) needles
160-180 yds, 7oz (200gm)

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New supplier! Lovely quality and jewel colors in larger skeins - a great value!

Silk thrums from mills in India are handspun by fair trade women's cooperatives and cottage industries into gleaming silk skeins.

Slightly over-twisted, with fabulous shine and brilliant colors, each skein is 50% or more of a red/burgundy tone mixed with other colors.

Every handspun skein of Recycled Silk is a unique rainbow of colors, yet somehow they all match. Random skeins were used for the original Tapestry Shawl. The results are knitting serendipity - from subtle earthy colors to rich jewel tones.

Working with Recycled Silk

The key to softness (and maximizing yardage) with recycled silk is to let it dangle and unwind when you come to overtwisted kinky areas of the yarn. It is handspun, so the amount of twist varies. Put a coated rubberband around the ball and let it dangle to release the excess twist, keeping it softer and making the most of your yardage.

If you untwist it too much, it can drift apart -- just overlap the frayed ends and keep going. (Fraying the ends and overlapping is the easiest way to join this yarn invisibly.)

Care of Recycled Silk Garments

Dry-cleaning your recycled silk garment is recommended if you want it to retain the look and feel it had when newly completed. Please Note: Just One More Row cannot be responsible for handwashed recycled silk garments that have changed in texture or stretched out of shape.

Recycled silk can be handwashed in cold water and dried flat. Be VERY careful to support it when wet to avoid stretching. Do not twist or wring. Lie flat to dry. The silk will "fuzz" a bit after handwashing, so the texture will be different from that of the newly completed garment (you may prefer this changed texture - try washing a swatch first!)